"I was about to lose all of my teeth and didn’t want to use dentures any longer. Dr. Kravitz listened carefully to my needs and presented several options. He crafted new upper and lower teeth for me that are fabulous. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Kravitz. He helped me smile again!"


"I sustained dental and gum injuries in 1989 during a multi-vehicle car accident, and have had many complications since. After visiting multiple dental surgeons around the greater Washington area, I found Dr. Joe.  I'm very pleased with his work and have stayed with him as one of his regular patients."

Badrul A.
Chowdhury, MD

"Several years ago, my periodontist recommended that I consider having several implants to correct long-standing dental disease conditions.  More importantly, he strongly recommended I employ Dr. Kravitz based on his personal knowledge of Kravitz' expertise and skill."


"Growing up a 'military brat,' I changed dentists every few years, so I have seen and felt the spectrum of quality, expertise, and care. I can honestly say that Dr. Kravitz and his staff provide the highest quality of care I've seen — they make every patient feel like their only patient."


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Did You Know?


A cavity can form in as little
as seven minutes after you eat
or drink. Dr. Joe provides every
single patient with preventive
oral care best practices.


Of ALL treatments to
replace missing teeth, dental
implants are the most successful
option with 93 - 99% success rates. Ask Dr. Joe how.


Kravitz Dentistry has over 20 years
of service excellence providing
dental treatment services to
thousands of patients from the
DC area and abroad.

Personalized dental treatments from one of the nation’s leading dental experts.

Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS is a dentist serving the local region of Rockville, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Whether it’s a gentle cleaning or a complete mouth makeover with dental implants, you’d be hard pressed to find a more qualified and compassionate dentist to serve you and your family. 

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How can Kravitz Dentistry help you?

Thousands of patients served throughout the years will attest to this simple fact…Dr. Joe listens. He makes every single one of his patients feel at ease and offers the most fitting treatment solution for each patient; the very best in one-on-one personalized dental service.

Dr. Joe will also teach you how to improve and maintain your dental health. Over 275 million germs grow in your mouth every 5 seconds. This leads to all forms of dental disease such as cavities, periodontal disease, and cracks. Dr. Joe does all he can to ensure that patients learn and follow the time-tested dental health secrets in the two books he has authored: "Beautiful Smiles" and "Dirty Mouth".

       Dental Treatment Solutions. Tailored for Your Needs.

From tooth colored fillings to his innovative 3 Minute Implant
procedure to replace missing teeth, your dental health is in the very best hands. Dr. Joe is a special type of dentist called a prosthodontist which means that he has the unique ability to surgically place and prosthetically restore your smile with dental implants. If you have missing, cracked or infected teeth that need to be replaced, you’ll only need to see Dr. Joe and you won’t have to visit several dentists to fix your problem. Here's a quick look at some of the many treatment options Kravitz Dentistry can provide for you, your family and friends…


Gentle Cleanings: We remove harmful germs to keep your mouth healthier. And teach you the secrets of the Dirty Mouth book.

Tooth Colored Fillings: Fix cavities with natural-looking resin fillings. Our fillings fit well and look beautiful.

Veneers / Crowns / Fixed Bridges: Restore discolored, broken teeth or dental work with custom-crafted ceramic teeth.

Dentures: Beautiful removable replacement teeth that look real! We make beautiful dentures quickly on-site.

Dental Implants: We can remove infected and broken teeth, place implants and good-looking new teeth in the same day.

Emergency Treatment: We welcome you with kindness. Sometimes a toothache or broken tooth cannot wait!

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Bite Guards: To protect your teeth, bone and gums from being destroyed due to clenching or grinding.  Made same day.

Prevention of Diseases: We create a custom plan for you summarized in one page.  It's easy.  It's gentle.  It's fun.

Unresolved Mouth Pain: We take time to listen to your background. We determine the cause(s) of pain and fix it.

In-House Lab: We make all of our custom resin or ceramic teeth in the dental office. We craft beautiful smiles.